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We provide both European and USA Scannable ID Cards .  Our fake id cards are printed on Teslin. The scannable magnetic stripe along with 1D and 2D barcodes on the back. Our goal at Ex Documentation is to make perfect fake id that makes passing a bouncer a cake walk.
We invite you before ordering to please read our website and take a close look at our fake ID card images .Especially if you are looking for REAL reviews.Usually, the article never will mention us by name (to not help the reader buy fake id), but know we are the ONLY site truly located in UK where each article doing an undercover order was made from us. 

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Looking For Where To Buy Fake ID Cards Online?

Unfortunately, online many anonymous posts with zero proof .That has been online since 2008.  Sadly the internet is full of convincing fake anonymous good and bad reviews about fake id sites. All it has done is confuse you the customers who actually just need a good place to buy a fake id. We can only point you to real fake id news reviews and let you be the judge to believe anonymous posts . We do promise our fake ids are the best, cloned to perfection, and are correctly scannable IDS.

Trusted, reliable EU based sites 

No scams here , and have been in business for several years with no problems with deliveries. You can trust that you will receive your ID cards

All our sites in this category offer legal novelty cards.


Trusted, reliable EU based sites (like Ex DOcumentation Team )

  • https://exdocumentation.net

You might find other sites selling legal,  fake ID cards.  If you do, just read the fake id scams page to check if they are genuine or not.

Sites reselling fake ID cards online

Some websites resell their fake ID cards to other individuals, these are just as reliable as the sites that provide the ID cards in the first place. Sometimes you’ll see the same site designs being re-used, this is just another sign that things may not be as they seem.

American Sites providing fake American driving licenses etc.

These can sometimes be run by scammers, as there is no way you can get away with making fake ID in the US anymore. It’s probably an unpatriotic terror offence too, you may end up in Guantanamo with all the other ‘freedom haters’. Sites with “chief” in the name are likely to be scams, trying to cash in on the name of “ID Chief” a China based manufacturer of fake ID cards, that did actually provide cards. Check out for info and discussion on these kind of sites. Again, we are not responsible for any consequences of what you get up to on the internet.

Sites offering illegal UK fake ID

Sites offering UK fake ID cards, like DVLA driving licences. These are 99% likely to be scams as you have no-one to complain to if they rip you off. There have been a spate of these websites over the last few years, all with the similar site design. There are several scammers taking western union or bitcoin for fake driving licences, which is totally untraceable if you get ripped off.

If for some reason, after reading that, you’d like to push on regardless and get a fake driving licence, we must caution that the vast majority of sites offering fake driving licences are scams.


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