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We flawlessly reproduced actual money with holograms and all safety features available. Equivalent to the eye and to touch. SHIPPING & DELIVERY TO ANY POSTAL ADDRESS, distribution is discrete -Our counterfeit banknotes bypass everything, counterfeit pens as well as equipment. -We have the most effective HOLOGRAMS AND DUPLICATING MACHINES. Here is your chance to get the best .

With over a billion of our products circulating around the world, we offer only original high quality COUNTERFEIT currencies and novelty documents .Basically , We have the Best Counterfeit Banknotes In Circulation .

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Please develop trust in yourself when contacting us and do not tell us about your previous experience . We believe that any body that has been scammed because of counterfeit banknotes went is for small amounts. Delivering will certainly take 3 days maximum. We ship discreet by means of DHL or UPS. Product packaging is done utilizing radio speakers.It is signed up that you are receiving an audio speaker at the same time we have removed the magnets of the speaker and fill notes.We do product packaging with professionalism. We give you tracking numbers as well.

Why buy undetectable banknotes from Ex Documentation?

Our bank notes include the complying with protection attributes that make it to be brilliant as well as we have the very best quality on the planet both Euro and also Dollar . Safety functions of our bank notes below: Intaglio printing Watermarks Safety and security thread Translucent register Special foil/special aluminum foil components Rainbowlike red stripe/ shifting colors.

How We Print Out Grade AA++ Counterfeit Bank notes

Our bank notes are published on 80% cotton 20% cellulose paper which differs significantly from regular paper. By using an unique printing technique, numerous image components on the front of the banknote are recognizable by touch. The standards on finding counterfeit currency provide a comparison of genuine as well as falsified protection functions.

Our bills/notes bypass every little thing, pens test and also makers.

98% Usable in financial institutions , 99% in ATM machines and also various other locations. The notes are same like real money . Do not hesitate to buy our Counterfeit Banknotes that look 100% real


The notes are not home made but commercial and also expertly produced. From Top quality IT specialists from US, Russia, Korea and also China. . We provide the following high quality COUNTERFEIT MONEY THAT LOOKS 100% REAL ;

  • EUR – Euro
  • USD – US Dollar
  • GBP – British Pound
  • INR – Indian Rupee
  • AUD – Australian Dollar
  • CAD – Canadian Dollar
  • AED – Emirati Dirham
  • ZAR – Rand
  • CHF – Swiss Franc
  • CNY – Chinese Yuan Renminbi
  • MYR – Malaysian RinggitTHB – Thai Bah
  • NZD – New Zealand Dollar
  • SAR – Saudi Arabian Riyal
  • QAR – Qatari Riyal
  • PLN – Polish PLN

The list is not complete …..

 HIGH QUALITY Undetectable counterfeit Banknotes

We are, as well as have actually always been the most effective in our 15 years experience in this counterfeit money business. Our service provides only EXCELLENT QUALITY Undetectable banknotes. Over a billion of our Bills and also records circulating worldwide. One more time, we provide only initial top quality COUNTERFEIT money that looks genuine. We ship worldwide.

 Buy Counterfeit Money That Looks Real From Ex Documentation Team ?

We use latest technology to produce our bills so that it looks 100% identical to the real notes. This thus implies all security features present in the real notes are present in the notes we make. Our team is made up of Quality IT technicians from Morocco, US, Russia, India, Korea and China hence we offer only high quality counterfeit money that looks real for all currencies and countries. These bank notes contain the following security features that make it to be genuine and we have the best grade counterfeit in the world both Euro , Dollar and any currency of your choice .

Security features of Counterfeit Money That Looks Real :

Intaglio printing


Security thread

See-through register

Special foil/special foil elements

Iridescent stripe / shifting colors.

Counterfeit Banknotes that look 100% real

Our bank notes are printed on 80% cotton 20% cellulose paper which varies substantially from typical paper. By using an unique printing method, numerous photo components on the front of the banknote are identifiable by touch. The guidelines on identifying counterfeit currency offer a contrast of real and also falsified security functions.

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  • Buy Perfect Fake Polish PLN Online

    Buy High Quality Fake Polish PLN Online

    Counterfeit money that looks real . Usable Everywhere even ATM . Great Prices and High Quality | Buy Perfect Fake Polish PLN Online |  Prop and Replica Banknotes‎ . Contact Us

  • Buy Unique replica Canadian banknotes

    Buy Unique replica Canadian banknotes

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  • buy 100% undetectable counterfeit notes

    Counterfeit Money For Sale

    Counterfeit Money For Sale at good prices

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  • Get Counterfeit US Banknotes

    Obtain Counterfeit US Dollar Banknotes (Mix Package) – Discreet Delivery – Discount Deals for returning buyers

    Order Counterfeit US Dollar Bills (20s , 50s & 100s)

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  • counterfeit euro bank notes

    Purchase Counterfeit Euro Banknotes

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  • possible to apply for fake visa and passport online

    Purchase Valid Visas for Any Country

    Buy Fake Visa+Passports for any Country | Order Real Visa+Passports All security features and Quality Contact US

  • buy counterfeit British Banknotes


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  • counterfeit Canadian dollar banknotes




    We use cutting-edge technology to produce the best counterfeit banknote and security paper for documents that convey value, identity and confidence. canadian dollars

    With our advanced printing processes, managed services, and distinct focus on quality, we realize every currency as a unique, secure and cost-effective solution. Banknotes are a country’s business card, and the design imperatives and their unique properties including color-shift, tactile, and interactive elements enable them to be authenticated and mechanically processed.

    Our Counterfeit Banknotes are produced using the best paper which is the Cotton Banknote Paper.

    Since majority of banknotes globally are made from traditional cotton paper, it is only reasonable that we print our counterfeit banknotes on cotton paper. Central banks have relied on the proven properties of cotton for decades. The look, specific tactile feel, and “sound” of new, crisp notes is trusted. In addition, cotton paper is ideal for the integration of tested and innovative security features, while watermarks, security threads and foils ensure that the notes’ value is protected.

    Buy Counterfeit Banknotes .

    We print Banknotes of different countries but will be more comfortable printing the US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australia Dollar, Great British Pound and Euro .

    The notes are all Grade A Banknotes perfectly reproduced with all security features available, feels like real money to the touch. These banknotes are safe to use in supermarkets, Casinos, vending machines and small stores.

    If you are looking to buy counterfeit banknotes online then contact us and we will get back to you with our quote.

    Our Notes are the best, undetected by machines in Supermarket, Casinos and stores.

  • counterfeit Canadian dollar banknotes

    UNDETECTED CANADIAN DOLLARS ($10,000 & $5,000)


    BUY UNDETECTED COUNTERFEIT CANADIAN DOLLARS ( Bundles of $10,000 & $5,000  )

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