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We produce documents such as Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Diploma, Marriage Certificate, Emancipation Certificate, Transcript and many other documents.

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Have you been looking to buy a passport online, maybe fake Australian passport , Canadian diplomatic passport , ETC ? Fake or real passport. Please “Search no further”,

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the Arts of Driving is fast advancing and to cope up with the pace for this advancement, the person who must be sitting behind the wheels on the driving seat must possess a driving license.

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Buying fake and real ID Card online is a procedure to go through with us . Your registered ID card will be biometric so do not hesitate to buy a new Identity card at Ex Documentation Team online.

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Counterfeit Money

With over a billion of our products circulating around the world, we offer only original high quality COUNTERFEIT currencies and fake documents .Shipping from Ukraine and Philippine.

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We will take Maximum 12 days to have your IELTS certificate registered and delivered to your address once your payment has been confirm and we have your information required on the documents.

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It is actually over 24 years ago that I used a false ID card. I was 18, bored, and in need of a good time, which at that age meant only one thing – drinking. It was quite easy back then to fake a UK driving licence and anyone with a good camera and some know-how could do it. Times have changed, but fake ID cards are still around. Fake driving licenses, new credit files, fake birth certificates , IELTS with exams , Fake Diplomas , Residence Permits and passports are also trending . Which brings us to why we started this website where every one can a fake novelty passport online for sale online


Is is group of professionals who produce and sell registered and unregistered novelty passport, driving licence, ID cards, stamps , birth certificates , diplomas , Visas, SSN , Marriage certificates , school certificates , divorce papers , IELTS certs without exams , Counterfeit Dollars/Euros etc and other document(s) for a number of countries like: USA, Australia , Belgium , Brazil , Canada, Italia , Finland , France , Germany , Israel , Mexico , Netherlands , South Africa , Spain , United Kingdom and many others.

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Buy Unregistered/Registered Novelty Document online , Novelty European Passport For sale.

kindly answer the questions described below when you consider what documents to buy .  Either Registered  or  Unregistered :
1. Will you use your documents only for camouflage purposes?
2. Are you going to stay in the country without crossing its borders?
If all the answers are YES then you can go ahead and order your unregistered document and save a pretty penny. The false documents, as a rule, has no difference with original government issued copy. Be sure no one will visually find out that these are counterfeit documents . With all secret features Note, the fake documents won’t pass checking in the database, while no valid information will show up. If you need to use the documents for any legal purposes, order registered documents. Otherwise, you may face thorny problems with the local authorities. 

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We aim further than providing solutions . Changing the way things are done is what we aim for  . Together the opportunities are infinite- “DISCOVER what we can do for you” . Fake Novelty Passports Online For Sale

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We offer quick shipping with all of our Documents being completed within 1-7 days . We will get your order to you as fast as we possibly . Your satisfaction is our goal so you can buy fake novelty passport online for sale online from with no fear of being ripped off like some fake websites online . 

NOTE : We do not disclose our clients identities for what so ever reason and no image on this website carries existing details .

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